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The Motor Lounge in Hamtramck, or Motor Detroit opened in August of 1996 by Steven Sowers and was the spiritual home of the local electronic music scene before and during the early and formative years of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, now known as Movement.

Detroit techno was born in the ’80s, and the genre was quickly exported around the world. As these first and second wave heroes began to gain recognition outside of Detroit, however, it became clear that the city was lacking clubs that cultivated new local DJs or brought in high-profile international acts on a regular basis.

All of this changed with Motor, a space that emerged before the arrival of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and served as one of the most important dance music venues in America and the World. With appearances of Derrick May to Kraftwerk to Richie Hawtin’s Y2K party and the Smashing Pumpkins, it was home to some of the era’s most memorable nights in the Motor City. Steven Sowers remains the sole Owner of Motor LLC the Parent of Motor Detroit.